Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids

Most poetry books are written by adults, but this one is written by a 9-year-old kid (Gloson), which makes it extraordinary! It is written from a child’s perspective. Reading these funny poems is like eating potato chips – you won’t want to stop till you finish it!

This humorous poetry book is made specially for kids and also those who love fun. These creative and imaginative poems will surely tickle your funny bone!

Gloson’s colorful and vivid illustrations make reading extremely fun! Different styles of presentation keep boredom at bay!

You will learn about why you should clean your room, what you shouldn’t forget on a picnic, why you shouldn’t drink tea while driving a car, why you shouldn’t bring home an elephant, and more!

So, get ready to jump into this exciting poetry book and smile, giggle, and laugh!

– 48 pages
– 20 funny poems
– Letter size (8.5" x 11" in.)

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