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A Poem About the Haze in Singapore and Malaysia

By Gloson On June 22, 2013 11 Comments

Our land has been hit by the annual haze,
it’s sending nasal systems into a craze.
’cause forests in Sumatra have been burned with a blaze.
So now we get haze for several days.

The PSI has hit a record of four-oh-one.
It hasn’t been a gentleman to health and to fun,
outdoors, the Gangnam Style cannot be done.
(sorry, I couldn’t help avoiding the pun).

People are staying home indoors like crazy.
They sit in their sofas and full-blast the AC.
The outdoor guys, well, they don surgical masks
to carry out outdoor allergical tasks.

Nasal jammed.
Yellow phlegm.
Indoors crammed.
What a shame.

But don’t you worry, friends,
because it all will soon be fine.
Even the thickest haze will end
and the sun will shine.

Gloson Recites His Top 10 Favorite Poems from MMPoetry 2013

By Gloson On April 30, 2013 9 Comments


Hello everyone. Happy National Poetry Month! There has been some great things going on this month, such as Greg Pincus’ 30 Days 30 Poets and also the 2013 Progressive Poem.

I know it’s almost the end of the month, but it’s not too late to recite my top 10 favorite poems from MMPoetry 2013!

March Madness Poetry (a.k.a. MMPoetry) has been one of my new great experiences this year. It’s my first time joining a poetry-writing tournament. You can view my entry poem, the Venal Judge, but it lost to Kathy Ellen Davis in Round 1. (Don’t worry, I’ll beat her next year. 😛 )

[For those who don’t know, MMPoetry is a mad tournament. Set up by Ed DeCaria, it’s an arena in which 64 poets (known as ‘authletes’) duel one-on-one by writing a poem that contains the seeded word (e.g. “13-venal”). The poem that gets the most votes wins! There’s this process of elimination until we get the champion.]

Because I love reciting poetry, I’ve found 10 poems from MMPoetry 2013 to recite. I wish I could recite more poems, but because of time, I had to pick just 10.

The poems I picked are not necessarily the ones I voted for, but the ones that I feel my voice can express. That means if a poem I didn’t vote for suits my voice, I will still recite it. 😀

Here are my top 10 favorite MMPoetry 2013 poems to recite! I recited all from memory so there might be one or two mistakes. So without further ado, here is the video! Enjoy!

You can find out more about the authors by clicking on the names.

10. Murphy’s Law (5-sterile)Tiffany Strelitz Haber
9. Debatable (8-certitude)Marileta Robinson
8. On The Eve Of The Equinox (6-conservative)Mary Lee Hahn
7. The Thief (1-abscond)Nessa Morris
6. Fat Tom (9-fathom)Samuel W. Kent
5. Secret Identity (8-caricature) – Marileta Robinson
4. Cat Burglar (9-burgle) – Samuel W. Kent
3. Against Falsity and Pretense (10-hypocrisy)Heidi Mordhorst
2. The Oyster & the Jellyfish (7-irritation)Marcus Ewert
1. The Meretricious Red Delicious (15-meretricious)J. J. Close

Thank you very much for watching! Tell me which was your favorite recitation in the comments below. I’ve still got a lot to learn so compliments/critique appreciated. 🙂

The Portaloo in Waterloo – A Poem

By Gloson On March 17, 2013 4 Comments

Hey guys, as you might know, I lost the #MMPoetry 2013 tournament to the talented Kathy Ellen Davis. (View our matchup here.) She wrote a poem related to poo which knocked my poem out! But I was not the only one who lost to a poo poem. Buffy Silverman also beat Ana Paest with a poo poem.

(Even though I got eliminated, I really enjoyed the tournament and will continue enjoying it till April 2nd! You should too!)

Anyways, after having a friendly twitter chat with Stephen W. Cahill (the MMPoetry 2012 Champion), I got an idea for a poo-based poem.


And so, ladies and gentlemen… I present to you, the Portaloo in Waterloo, with the first couplet written by Stephen W. Cahill!

The Portaloo in Waterloo

At the portaloo in Waterloo,
where pigeons coo and people poo……

The French troops warred against the Brits,
whose Prussian allies had got wits,

The Prussians thought with mighty brains,
"We’ll strike the Frenchies with ‘the pains’."

And so, this tactic they did do:
They stole their ONLY portaloo!

And then, they dropped the final jinx;
Poured laxatives in French troops’ drinks!

On battle day, the French troops fell, because they had no portaloo.
And now you know the story of the portaloo in waterloo!


Hope you liked it! 😀 Cheers!
Gloson “Teh” Poet.

Update (March 20, 2013): Oh my, there’s ANOTHER poop poem!

In the MMPoetry’s battle, 7-jostle vs. 15-euphemism, Susan Taylor Brown (7-jostle) wrote a non-fiction dino poem and Josh J. Close (15-euphemism) wrote a poop poem. There has been a heated poop discussion in the comments. (You should read them!)

Ed DeCaria even made a poop rendition of Susan Taylor Brown’s poem in the comments, which I found pretty amusing.

Previously, Susan Taylor Brown’s amazing poem was leading, but suddenly a group of 4th graders nudged the stupendous poop poem up above, and Josh won by 6 votes. It was an intense battle indeed.

The Venal Judge – Illustrated

By Gloson On March 15, 2013 6 Comments

2013.03.14 - The Venal Judge-660px

Go here to vote for this poem (or the other one):

The Pied Piper of Hamlin – A Poem

By Gloson On March 7, 2013 7 Comments

The small town of Hamelin had too many rats!
It’s too bad the rats could escape from the cats!
So, after each citizen said their prayer,
the Pied Piper was summoned by the town mayor.

The Pied Piper came with his strange shiny pipe
(was shiny because it was given a wipe).
The mayor said he would give him bags of gold,
if only he did what he had been just told.

The Pied Piper then blew the pipe, as expected.
However, the rats were not one bit affected!
The people were angry, so they blasted pies
aimed for the Pied Piper; he started to cry.

Now, you must be thinking hard, wondering why
the rats did not die and the people threw pies.
Well—I’ll tell you why: It was because
he was the Pied Piper; that was who he was!


written by Gloson
Illustrated by Sathya Jalilehvand

(Reposted with Illustration)