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Top Secret Class Meeting – A Poem

By Gloson On March 5, 2013 No Comments

Hello guys. Last week I wrote a poem, the Bibliophile, to practice for #MMPoetry 2013. The next word I received was “clandestine”, which means a secret underground meeting.


Ahoy, classmateys! Listen up! The teacher is not here.
She has gone to the restroom, and we all are in the clear.
So come on, mateys, let us meet and let no one detect us.
We want to prank the teacher; we want no one to suspect us!

Now, are you reader for top secret, private information?
Good! Do this, and this, then this. And stand in this formation.
Great! Clandestine is dismissed, and—Oh!—Here comes the teacher!
Ready? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1—Happy Birthday Mrs. Beecher!

Hope you like it! Rate it on a scale from 1 to 10 in the comments below. Thanks! You can also give me another prompt word below. I will write whatever you prompt till March 11. 🙂

The Bibliophile – A Poem

By Gloson On March 1, 2013 6 Comments

Hello guys. In order to practice for the March Madness Poetry 2013 in March (duh), I’m gonna start practicing! 😀 So I asked people to give me difficult prompt words on my Facebook page.


Hi! I am a bibliophile.
I love to read good books,
about math, fiction, business, science,
or even how to cook!

Watch movies? Well, sometimes I do.
I’d rather read, my mate.
’cause movies are done visualized.
Books let you create.

Hope you like it! Rate it on a scale from 1 to 10 in the comments below. Thanks!

The Best Time to Rest – A Poem

By Gloson On February 27, 2013 No Comments

You’re blessed
when you rest
when you’re messed
and depressed.

when you’re stressed
when you’re pressed
when you’re taking a test.

when you’re dealing with pests
that do seem to infest.

when you’ve eaten too much
you can’t seem to digest.

The next thing,
the best thing
to do is to rest.

To rest
is the best,
you will surely
be blessed!

5 Funny Roses-Are-Red Poems for Valentine’s Day

By Gloson On February 15, 2013 6 Comments

Valentine’s Day is a day when chocolates are eaten, flowers are given out, and love is shared. It is also a day to recite Roses-Are-Red poems, as well as their parodies.

Hope you enjoy the Roses-Are-Red poems below!

Roses-Are-Red Poem #1

Shirt, pants poem

Roses-Are-Red Poem #2

Moses, Pilate

Roses-Are-Red Poem #3

Fred Sneeze

Roses-Are-Red Poem #4

Umbrella girl

Roses-Are-Red Poem #5

Cello Smash

Hiccups – A Poem by M. M. Socks

By Gloson On February 3, 2013 No Comments

I found a magic lamp (hiccup)
And a genie was inside (hiccup)
He told me if I rubbed his lamp
He’d grow up tall and wide (hiccup)

And grant me one special wish (hiccup)
This is what he said (hiccup)
But in the middle of my wish
I hiccuped instead (hiccup)

So instead of wishing riches (hiccup)
I didn’t get two dimes (hiccup)
I said, “I wish for a million – (hiccup)”
Now I must (hiccup) a million times