A Poem About the Haze in Singapore and Malaysia

By Gloson On June 22, 2013 Tags:

Our land has been hit by the annual haze,
it’s sending nasal systems into a craze.
’cause forests in Sumatra have been burned with a blaze.
So now we get haze for several days.

The PSI has hit a record of four-oh-one.
It hasn’t been a gentleman to health and to fun,
outdoors, the Gangnam Style cannot be done.
(sorry, I couldn’t help avoiding the pun).

People are staying home indoors like crazy.
They sit in their sofas and full-blast the AC.
The outdoor guys, well, they don surgical masks
to carry out outdoor allergical tasks.

Nasal jammed.
Yellow phlegm.
Indoors crammed.
What a shame.

But don’t you worry, friends,
because it all will soon be fine.
Even the thickest haze will end
and the sun will shine.

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    1. Karen Middleton
      April 23, 2018
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      I like the images in your poem it gives a good image of the place you are describing.
      It is good to read other peoples stuff online to help with other images and ideas to inspire me.

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    4. Sameena Darga
      April 28, 2020
      2:56 pm #comment-5

      Very beautiful poetry 👍

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