My Nasty Adventure – A Poem

By Gloson On May 30, 2009 Tags:

My plane was just about to crash.
So, I grabbed my bag and
took out my big blue parachute
to glide me down and land.

At last, I found a spot to land.
But there was a big breeze.
And so, I had to painfully
land on these sharp pine trees.

I was then filled with bruises as
a pine fell on my ear.
I sat down on the ground to rest.
A thorn then poked my rear.

I slept on the ground frantically.
Mosquitoes bit my nose.
Bugs crept into my underpants
and tickled my ten toes.

I scratched myself when I woke up,
appearing like a fool.
And after the whole thing I thought
I’d rather go to school.

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  1. Mohammed Hamed
    December 17, 2015
    12:21 am #comment-1

    My boat was about to sink
    I had a lot to think I want this poem

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