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Flying Lessons – A Video Poem

By Gloson On January 8, 2013 No Comments


“Stretch your arms!
Straighten legs!
Open your mouth!
Eat boiled eggs!

“Look ahead!
Do not fear!
Flap your arms!
Shake your rear!

“Be prepared and
just jump off!
Avoid choking,
do not cough!

“Do not fall,
catch the breeze!
Do not stop,
do not sneeze!”

So I went and
found a cliff.
Arms were ready,
eyes were stiff.

I jumped off and
caught the breeze,
flapped my arms,
didn’t sneeze.

Oh no! I fell into a tree!
The birds laughed – what a blaster!
My little brother is, indeed,
a terrible taskmaster.

From the book Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids:

My Dad’s Bicycle – A Poem

By Gloson On December 11, 2012 No Comments

My dad got on his bicycle
but then, he fell down.
I think he might have bruised his knee.
He got up with a frown.

My dad got on his bicycle
but he fell off again.
He landed on some bumps,
and his thigh got poked by his pen.

He saw the problem, called for me
and said, “We’ll make some deals—
Happy Meals, if you tell where
you put the training wheels.”

I Did Exactly What You Told Me To – A Poem

By Gloson On October 17, 2009 31 Comments

My mom went to the shopping mall
to buy a brand new bed.
Before she went, she told me something.
This is what she said:

“Wash the clothes!
Fry potatoes!
Finish homework!
Boil tomatoes!

“Wash your face!
Dust the doors!
Comb your hair!
Clear the drawers!

“Wipe the windows!
Chop the wood!
Mow the grass!
Eat your food!

“Rake the leaves!
Fold the clothes!
Feed our doggies!
Shoo the crows!

“Brew the Chinese
herbal tea.
Then you’re free to
watch TV!

“Please do exactly what I’ve said.
Please do what you have heard!”
My mother then went to the mall.
I did her every word.

Fried the clothes,
washed potatoes.
Boiled homework,
finished tomatoes.

Dusted my face,
washed the doors.
Cleared my hair,
combed the drawers.

Chopped the windows,
wiped the wood.
Ate the grass,
mowed my food.

Folded leaves,
raked the clothes.
Shooed our doggies,
fed the crows.

Watched the Chinese
herbal tea.
Then I brewed our
huge TV.

Finally, I’ve done the chores!
I then relaxed with glee.
I can’t wait for her to come home.
She’ll be so proud of me.

Flyaway Laundry – A Poem

By Gloson On June 9, 2009 1 Comment

The wind from the south blew the laundry away
when it was still hanging to dry.
The clothes and the trousers all twirled in the air.
My mother let out an “Oh my!”

My neighbors just sat there and watched the clothes fly,
and so did the curious cop.
I chased all the clothes as fast as my legs could.
Unluckily, they didn’t stop.

Instead, they just kept flying higher and higher.
And… Ouch! I stepped on a sharp stone!
I fell on my head, which was terribly pain,
and then almost fractured a bone.

Luckily, the wind amazingly stopped!
The clothes drifted down to the ground.
My mom would be overjoyed and proud of me,
because her clothes were safe and sound.

I picked up all of the clothes, one by one,
and ran home as fast as I could.
Mom would be so happy, she’d give me a present,
or even some cash. Yes, she would!

Oh no! I believe I had ran way too fast,
and so, I fell down with a thud!
Mom would be so angry now because the clothes
fell into malodorous mud!