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The Pied Piper of Hamlin – A Poem

By Gloson On March 7, 2013 7 Comments

The small town of Hamelin had too many rats!
It’s too bad the rats could escape from the cats!
So, after each citizen said their prayer,
the Pied Piper was summoned by the town mayor.

The Pied Piper came with his strange shiny pipe
(was shiny because it was given a wipe).
The mayor said he would give him bags of gold,
if only he did what he had been just told.

The Pied Piper then blew the pipe, as expected.
However, the rats were not one bit affected!
The people were angry, so they blasted pies
aimed for the Pied Piper; he started to cry.

Now, you must be thinking hard, wondering why
the rats did not die and the people threw pies.
Well—I’ll tell you why: It was because
he was the Pied Piper; that was who he was!


written by Gloson
Illustrated by Sathya Jalilehvand

(Reposted with Illustration)

5 Funny Roses-Are-Red Poems for Valentine’s Day

By Gloson On February 15, 2013 9 Comments

Valentine’s Day is a day when chocolates are eaten, flowers are given out, and love is shared. It is also a day to recite Roses-Are-Red poems, as well as their parodies.

Hope you enjoy the Roses-Are-Red poems below!

Roses-Are-Red Poem #1

Shirt, pants poem

Roses-Are-Red Poem #2

Moses, Pilate

Roses-Are-Red Poem #3

Fred Sneeze

Roses-Are-Red Poem #4

Umbrella girl

Roses-Are-Red Poem #5

Cello Smash

Santa Claus and the Gift – A Poem

By Gloson On December 18, 2012 No Comments

2012.12.18 - Santa Claus and the Gift

It was a chilly, snowy day,
and it was dull, not bright.
And when the hands of all the clocks
were pointing at midnight—

Santa rode his flying sleigh
to give to Tom a present.
His reindeer sneezed; the gift fell off,
which wasn’t very pleasant.

So Santa came down to the road.
He grabbed the fallen gift.
He then walked back toward his sleigh
to give himself a lift.

Unfortunately, Santa Claus
slipped on the slippery ice.
His bottom landed on the ground,
which wasn’t very nice.

To make things worse, the present slipped
into a deep manhole.
Although he tried, he couldn’t reach it
with a long, long pole.

“I think I have no other choice,”
Saint Nick then tautly said.
And so, Tom got a pretty doll
that’s meant for girls, instead!

Poems Submitted by Sri Nobel Primary Students

By Gloson On December 7, 2012 15 Comments


My poet visit to Sri Nobel had been superb for me! After I gave a speech with the purpose of inspiring the students to be excellent and creative, the principal brought me to visit and have a photograph session with each class:


Puan Halimah the principal [right] told the students, after I left, to write their own poems if they are interested and she will pass it to me.

When I came back, wow, I got a pleasant surprise. Not only did the students submit their own poems, but some of them also illustrated it! Very touching.

Their poems range from short to long, from simple to having a lot of words; topics ranging from robots to turning the volume down so you can do work. Nevertheless, each of them is a product of creativity and brainstorming and every one of them is indeed very enjoyable.

There are a total of 26 short poems below written by kids aged 7-11. I hope you will thoroughly enjoy every one of them! 🙂

[To see an image full-size, click on it]

The Reason I Smile

by Ngan Syuen Yee, Primary 2.

My teachers are caring,
My parents are loving,
The reason I keep smiling,
Is because I love schooling.



by Reysha, Primary 3.

Cry, cry, cry, and cry,
Dear please do not cry.
I promise you if you don’t cry,
I’ll sing you a lullaby.

(Sung to ‘Row Your Boat’)


Mary Had a Little Pet

Illustrated by Jaslyn Leong, Primary 1.


My First Day at School

by Danya Lim, Primary 1.

It was very exciting.
I was a bit nervous.
I saw many new people.

I saw my new teacher,
She was cool.
”Yeah,” I love
my new school.


Build a Big Robot (This is my favorite)

by Wilson Yew, Primary 5.

Build a big robot.
Build it very nice.
Try to add a smart data,
but don’t add any ice.

(Sung to ‘Row Your Boat’)


Save the World

by Wilson Yew, Primary 5.

Save, save, save the world,
Save the world right now.
Don’t pollute and cut the trees.
Cause the world says ow. Ow!

(Sung to ‘Row Your Boat’)


The Magical Basket of Yonder (daydream)

by Megat Musa.

The magical basket of yonder,
sometimes I do wonder,
Does it go “whoosh!” when we wish of something,
Or maybe it has a magical word to make it go “brrrr!”
or I just have to put magical dust on the basket to
make it go ding a ling?
Or maybe, or maybe it might go hapling!
I think it was an alarm clock ringing,
Oh my! I’m late for my bus! Wait! Wait! Wait for ming!



Write a Diary

by Clement Yap, Primary 4.

Write, write, write a diary.
Write it like a story.
Write, write, write, write.
Until it is right.

(Sung to ‘Row Your Boat’)


Wipe the Door

by Sean Lee, Primary 4.

Wipe, wipe, wipe the door,
until it’s clean.
Wipe it until the floor.
Then you’ll know it is clean.


Daily Activities

by Lim Jia Hui, Primary 4.

(Sung to ‘Row Your Boat’)

Brush, brush, brush your teeth
until it’s clean.
Brush, brush, brush, brush your teeth,
everyday until it’s clean.

Post, post, post your mail
to the post office.
Post, post, post your mail
to the post office.

Turn, turn, turn down the volume,
so that you can do work.
Turn, turn, turn down the volume,
so that you can do work.


“Chocolate” and “Food”

by Chiew Sue Jin, Primary 5.


Choco, choco, chocolate,
Flowing down the river,
All the children come to eat,
What a lot of chocolate.


Fresh food, frenzy food,
All around the world,
Indian, Malay, and many more,
The world is loaded with food.

Nasi Lemak, Capati, and Yong Tau Foo,
They are the traditional foods,
We eat them almost every day,
Wow! They are sooooo NICE!


Love Your Mum

by Lee Jearn Xiu, Primary 5.

Love, love, love your mum,
every every day,
happily, happily, happily, happily,
mummy I love you.

(Sung to ‘Row Your Boat’)


Oh Butterfly

Syaza Nur Dania, Primary 1.

Oh butterfly,
How I wish I could fly like you,
I will fly everywhere,
I will fly high and low with my
beautiful wings,
And see pretty and ugly things,
Oh! Oh! but I am not a butterfly.

My 4th birthday

by Harshini, Primary 1.

I was very happy. It was my my birthday,
I ran down and jumped up,
It was a pool party,
An angry bird cake, many water balloons,
Some water guns and many more gift,
Oh! No! My mum forgot to bring the lighter
To light my birthday candle.

My Young Days

by Ngan Syuen Yee, Primary 2.

My young days
When I was a baby,
I cried and drool,
And then at five I go to school,
My teachers are cool,
They love to car pool,
Avoiding paying more for the toll.


Laugh, Smile, Cry and Play

by Beatricia, Primary 3.

Laugh, smile, cry and play,
Through the happy days.
If you get angry, angry and mad,
Your smile will go away.


by Elvis, Primary 3.

Bake, bake, bake and bake,
Mummy likes to bake.
Cheese, blueberry, chocolate cake,
I truly love all cakes.


by Derrick, Primary 3.

Eat, eat, eat a lot,
Eat, eat every day.
Do not do not eat too much,
Because you’ll not okay.


by Haikal, Primary 3.

Play, play play and play,
Play till end of day.
Hey my friends let’s go and play,
Your doubts will go away.


by Beatricia, Primary 3.

Bake, weight, wait and stir
Through the jumpy days.
If you like to bake cakes,
You really have to wait!

Smile a Lot

Danish, Primary 3.

Smile, smile, smile a lot
Smile, smile every day.
If you don’t smile every day,
You won’t have a nice day.


Yuri, Primary 3.

Sweets, sweets, sweets oh sweets,
You really taste so good.
Sour, sweet and bittersweet,
Sweets are type of food.


by Lynus, Primary 3.

Hip, Hip, Hip Hooray!
Gloson’s coming to school.
He is a very smart poet,
And a blogger too!

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Looking forward to hear your poems! 🙂

My Crazy Car – A Poem

By Gloson On December 3, 2012 No Comments

My crazy car is sure insane.
It hops around to make me pain.
When I am on it, it will wiggle
to make my friends and neighbors giggle.

It jumps and bounces up and down,
I feel sick when I ride through town.
When it shakes me in front of Wright,
he laughs at me; he’s not polite.

When I slap my car for it’s bad,
It zooms around, like it is mad.
I just cannot control my car,
I guess it’s controlled me, so far.

When I get into my mad car,
it spins around, for it’s bizarre.
Then, it will jump up really high.
The guys who see would say, “Oh my!”

My crazy car passed its disease
to cars here and cars overseas.
And that’s why cars shake when they start.
Do you think cars are silly or smart?
2012.12.03 - My Crazy Car