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The Portaloo in Waterloo – A Poem

By Gloson On March 17, 2013 4 Comments

Hey guys, as you might know, I lost the #MMPoetry 2013 tournament to the talented Kathy Ellen Davis. (View our matchup here.) She wrote a poem related to poo which knocked my poem out! But I was not the only one who lost to a poo poem. Buffy Silverman also beat Ana Paest with a poo poem.

(Even though I got eliminated, I really enjoyed the tournament and will continue enjoying it till April 2nd! You should too!)

Anyways, after having a friendly twitter chat with Stephen W. Cahill (the MMPoetry 2012 Champion), I got an idea for a poo-based poem.


And so, ladies and gentlemen… I present to you, the Portaloo in Waterloo, with the first couplet written by Stephen W. Cahill!

The Portaloo in Waterloo

At the portaloo in Waterloo,
where pigeons coo and people poo……

The French troops warred against the Brits,
whose Prussian allies had got wits,

The Prussians thought with mighty brains,
"We’ll strike the Frenchies with ‘the pains’."

And so, this tactic they did do:
They stole their ONLY portaloo!

And then, they dropped the final jinx;
Poured laxatives in French troops’ drinks!

On battle day, the French troops fell, because they had no portaloo.
And now you know the story of the portaloo in waterloo!


Hope you liked it! 😀 Cheers!
Gloson “Teh” Poet.

Update (March 20, 2013): Oh my, there’s ANOTHER poop poem!

In the MMPoetry’s battle, 7-jostle vs. 15-euphemism, Susan Taylor Brown (7-jostle) wrote a non-fiction dino poem and Josh J. Close (15-euphemism) wrote a poop poem. There has been a heated poop discussion in the comments. (You should read them!)

Ed DeCaria even made a poop rendition of Susan Taylor Brown’s poem in the comments, which I found pretty amusing.

Previously, Susan Taylor Brown’s amazing poem was leading, but suddenly a group of 4th graders nudged the stupendous poop poem up above, and Josh won by 6 votes. It was an intense battle indeed.

Red and Black (Parody of Les Miserables)

By Gloson On January 24, 2013 No Comments

(Great for teaching little kids about colors)

It is time for us to
know which colors are which.
Don’t we want to embrace
all the colors that make up the world?
Have you asked of yourself
what’s the color of hay?
Is it red, black, or blue,
yellow, green, or gray?
The colors of the world
you need to know today!

Red – the color of a rose.
Black – the color of a bear.
Red – the color of my clothes.
Black – the color of my hair!

(Music: Transpose +2 semitones)

Green – the smell of smelly gas.
Blue – the color of some eyes.
Green – the color of fresh grass.
Blue – the color of the sky!

(Music: Transpose another +2 semitones)

Orange – the pigment of an orange. (obviously)
Brown – grandfather’s leather glove.
Orange – the taste of pumpkin porridge.
Brown – the chocolate I love!

(Music: Transpose ANOTHER +2 semitones)

Purple– Barney the dinosaur.
Yellow – bananas are this hue.
Purple – eggplants I do adore.
Yellow – the hue of Swiss fondue!

(Music: Transpose YET ANOTHER +2 semitones)

Pink – the glow of dragon fruit.
White – its flesh I take one bite.
Pink – some men desire pink suits.
White – the color of moonlight!

Hoo Am I (Les Miserables Parody)

By Gloson On December 31, 2012 3 Comments

(Parody of “Who Am I” from Les Miserables)

hoo-am-i-owlHoo am I,
I am an owl and I say, “Hoo-hoo-hoo,”
And that is what I do-o-o.
I terrify people at night,
My hoo-hoo-hoo gives them a fright.

Hoo am I,
Some people are scared of my eyes.
They’re known to cause grown men to cry;
There was a man, aged 44,
Who fainted, fell flat on the floor.

Hoo am I,
I’m actually a real nice guy,
I don’t know why I terrify.
I want to make some awesome friends,
We’d have fun that will never end,

We’d hang out till the break of dawn,
And our friendship will go on.

Hoo am I? Hoo am I?
I am an owl!
I terrify grown men it’s true,
But I want to make good friends with you.

Hoo am I?
I am now your friend!

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