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All About Poems – A Poem by Zara Chan

By Gloson On January 11, 2013 No Comments

Note from Gloson: This is a poem by a schoolmate of fine whose class I gave a poetry lesson. I think it’s randomly and rhymingly fun!

Put some poems in your pocket,
It might come in handy.
You can write poems about omelettes,
Or about your best friend Sandy.

Poems can be excuses too,
For example, when you’re late to school.
Just remember “The Wrong Start
by Marchette Chute,
Then your teacher might not puke.

Writing poems are fun,
Especially when you’re writing
about a bun.
It’s fun because I like food,
But I just can’t eat too much.
So it’s not that good
For me, like such and such.

Poems can be happy,
Poems can be sad.
Poems can be creepy,
They could also be bad.
Poems can be easy,
They can also be hard.
Poems can never keep you busy,
When you just don’t have the heart.

Poems can be your friend,
At least it’s better than living in a den.
With the monstrous animals that
want to eat you;

Some poems make you wanna sleep,
Some of them make you wanna run.
Some poems make you wanna keep
Awake just to bake a bun.

Poems are fun once you
But if you don’t,
Just try as hard as you can.

Reading poems and writing them,
Won’t get you into big big trouble.
You could write about summer camp,
Or even about popping bubbles.

Poems can be music,
Poems can be rap.
If you wisely use it,
Then it won’t seem so bad.

Instead, poems rhyme and give you
a beat or two.

Poems can rhyme with anything,
Or they may not.
They could rhyme with a ting-a-ling-ling,
Or ‘love me yes or love me not’.

So I’ll end with ‘poems are fun,
And it takes nothing to get it done’.

Written by: Zara Chan (Grace Resource Centre, 7B)

Twelve Twelve Twelve – A Poem

By Gloson On December 12, 2012 No Comments

It’s 12/12/12! It’s 12/12/12!
Let’s party and let’s celebrate!
I’m gonna dance ’round like an elf,
eat all the food that’s on my plate.

Today is just a normal day
that’s just like any other.
But 12/12/12 is one cool number–
it deserves the bother!

This happens only every
one hundred years or so.
When 12/12/12 appears again,
we’d be real old, you know.

And so…

To celebrate, I place on one cake 12 candles.
(to light up the candles–that my mom handles.)
And next, I’d buy 12 fans to blow off the fire.
Each fan will be fanned by the friends that I hire.

12 dogs will play volleyball versus 12 cats.
The dogs will win treats and the cats will win rats.
12 monkeys will race themselves up 12 tall trees.
12 fleas will ride skis down a steep slope of cheese.

When 12 o’clock, 12 minutes, 12 seconds strike,
We’ll blow our air horns into my loud mic!
Our neighbors will look at their own clocks and stare
in total amazement that
12 o’clock, 12 minutes, 12 seconds,
the 12th day, the 12th month, the 12th year–
was THERE!

My Crazy Car – A Poem

By Gloson On December 3, 2012 No Comments

My crazy car is sure insane.
It hops around to make me pain.
When I am on it, it will wiggle
to make my friends and neighbors giggle.

It jumps and bounces up and down,
I feel sick when I ride through town.
When it shakes me in front of Wright,
he laughs at me; he’s not polite.

When I slap my car for it’s bad,
It zooms around, like it is mad.
I just cannot control my car,
I guess it’s controlled me, so far.

When I get into my mad car,
it spins around, for it’s bizarre.
Then, it will jump up really high.
The guys who see would say, “Oh my!”

My crazy car passed its disease
to cars here and cars overseas.
And that’s why cars shake when they start.
Do you think cars are silly or smart?
2012.12.03 - My Crazy Car