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Gloson Recites His Top 10 Favorite Poems from MMPoetry 2013

By Gloson On April 30, 2013 9 Comments


Hello everyone. Happy National Poetry Month! There has been some great things going on this month, such as Greg Pincus’ 30 Days 30 Poets and also the 2013 Progressive Poem.

I know it’s almost the end of the month, but it’s not too late to recite my top 10 favorite poems from MMPoetry 2013!

March Madness Poetry (a.k.a. MMPoetry) has been one of my new great experiences this year. It’s my first time joining a poetry-writing tournament. You can view my entry poem, the Venal Judge, but it lost to Kathy Ellen Davis in Round 1. (Don’t worry, I’ll beat her next year. 😛 )

[For those who don’t know, MMPoetry is a mad tournament. Set up by Ed DeCaria, it’s an arena in which 64 poets (known as ‘authletes’) duel one-on-one by writing a poem that contains the seeded word (e.g. “13-venal”). The poem that gets the most votes wins! There’s this process of elimination until we get the champion.]

Because I love reciting poetry, I’ve found 10 poems from MMPoetry 2013 to recite. I wish I could recite more poems, but because of time, I had to pick just 10.

The poems I picked are not necessarily the ones I voted for, but the ones that I feel my voice can express. That means if a poem I didn’t vote for suits my voice, I will still recite it. 😀

Here are my top 10 favorite MMPoetry 2013 poems to recite! I recited all from memory so there might be one or two mistakes. So without further ado, here is the video! Enjoy!

You can find out more about the authors by clicking on the names.

10. Murphy’s Law (5-sterile)Tiffany Strelitz Haber
9. Debatable (8-certitude)Marileta Robinson
8. On The Eve Of The Equinox (6-conservative)Mary Lee Hahn
7. The Thief (1-abscond)Nessa Morris
6. Fat Tom (9-fathom)Samuel W. Kent
5. Secret Identity (8-caricature) – Marileta Robinson
4. Cat Burglar (9-burgle) – Samuel W. Kent
3. Against Falsity and Pretense (10-hypocrisy)Heidi Mordhorst
2. The Oyster & the Jellyfish (7-irritation)Marcus Ewert
1. The Meretricious Red Delicious (15-meretricious)J. J. Close

Thank you very much for watching! Tell me which was your favorite recitation in the comments below. I’ve still got a lot to learn so compliments/critique appreciated. 🙂

Book Trailer: Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids

By Gloson On February 16, 2013 4 Comments

Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids on Amazon & Kindle:

Hello there, I’m delighted to announce I’ve finished making the book trailer for my poetry book, Creative and Funny Poetry for Kids, or CnF for short.

You see, in 2009, it was published in Malaysia. It was fun. I was recognized as the youngest published poet in the world Malaysia. I even got the prime minister and his wife to read my book. During my poet visits to 4 schools, I was delighted that a lot of kids liked my books.

So, it was not published internationally…until now.

I wanted to make a book trailer that will show you what my book is all about. So I started planning it in December 2012 and wrote the rhyming script.

I Am What I Eat – A Video Poem

By Gloson On January 19, 2013 No Comments


I am a leafy green, some grapes
and two, quite large, potatoes.
I am a carrot, and an onion,
and two ripe tomatoes.

I’m two big bunches of bananas,
slices of white bread.
I am a juicy watermelon,
the size of your head.

I’m two pears and two oranges
which are delicious fruits.
I’m also lotuses –
but not the flowers, just the roots.

I’m all of these delicious foods
because I’m what I eat
from my huge watermelon head
to my banana feet.

From the book Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids:

Flying Lessons – A Video Poem

By Gloson On January 8, 2013 No Comments


“Stretch your arms!
Straighten legs!
Open your mouth!
Eat boiled eggs!

“Look ahead!
Do not fear!
Flap your arms!
Shake your rear!

“Be prepared and
just jump off!
Avoid choking,
do not cough!

“Do not fall,
catch the breeze!
Do not stop,
do not sneeze!”

So I went and
found a cliff.
Arms were ready,
eyes were stiff.

I jumped off and
caught the breeze,
flapped my arms,
didn’t sneeze.

Oh no! I fell into a tree!
The birds laughed – what a blaster!
My little brother is, indeed,
a terrible taskmaster.

From the book Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids:

If I Did Write a Poem – A Video Poem

By Gloson On January 7, 2013 No Comments


If I did write a poem,
I would sell it off, and then,
I’d use the money for an egg
that would become a hen.

The hen would lay a thousand eggs
that would become more hens.
Then they would lay a million eggs.
I’d sell them all to friends.

I would become a millionaire
who owned a great big home.
Next, I’d go for a holiday
to France or maybe Rome.

I’d learn to be an astronaut
and go visit the moon.
I’m going to do all these things!
I plan to do them soon!

I would feel like a mighty king…
But now I think I might
stop daydreaming about all this
until I’ve learned to write!

From the book Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids: