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Gloson Teh is a funny poet and a blogger. He was born on Jan 3, 1998. In his free time, he likes to write poetry, compose music, blog, make films, and write in the third person.

Gloson as a Poet

Gloson’s writing style is imaginative, dramatic, artistic, and simple. He likes to rhyme with silliness and use some redundant redundancy. He likes to write about funny incidents, exaggerated ideas, and unexpected unexpectedness! OK, enough with the redundant redundancy. Oh, for crying out loud loudly. Focus, Gloson. Be seriously serious! Gahh.

Anyway, Gloson has been writing poetry since the age of 9, after he discovered funny poetry on the Internet, primarily on Poetry4Kids.com.

Because the poems were so funny and entertaining, he was inspired to write his own. Ever since then, Gloson has been writing to bring joy to children and brighten people’s days.

He posted his first poems in his poetry journal on Poetry4Kids.com:


After writing a bunch of poems, Gloson compiled his poems into an extremely imaginative poetry book, Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids, which was published when he was 11. Gloson has also produced a DVD of himself acting out all the poems from Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids with self-composed background music.

Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids front cover
Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids DVD

Soon, Gloson went on to be recognized as the Youngest Published Poet. To be evaluated, he had to write a poem about any topic they specified, and he ended up writing a poem about an adventurous cat. He spontaneously acted it out too.

Gloson was officially recognized as the Youngest Published Poet  on Sept 9, 2009.


His books are available in all the national libraries of his country.

He also occasionally gives poet visits to primary schools to inspire kids to become excellent in life and to entertain them with his wacky performances of his poems. Some of the schools he has visited include Sri KDU and Sri Nobel.


Gloson also likes to make films of his poems whenever he can. Check out his first one:


Gloson has published 2 books and 1 DVD so far:

  1. Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids (May 2009)
  2. Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids DVD (July 2011)
  3. Creative Row Your Boats (Dec 2009)

Gloson has performed in several TV and radio stations, including TV3, TV2, and BFM 89.9.


Gloson’s favourite poets are Kenn Nesbitt, whose website inspired him to write, and Dr. Seuss.

He hopes that you will enjoy reading PoetryTalents.com and that you will be inspired too! 😀

Gloson’s timeline

At 20 months old, he was able to read Mandarin and English and was interviewed by Sin Chew Daily (Sept 15, 1999), New Straits Times (Sept 17, 1999), and China Press (Sept 22, 1999). He loved to draw and sing too.

At two, he was introduced to computers. He was allowed to experiment with the machine and teach himself the basics while his parents were at work.

At three, Gloson sang, danced, and recited stories in Mandarin and English to an audience including Dato’ Ong Tee Kiat. The story was featured in Utusan Malaysia on July 30, 2001.

At four, Gloson was interviewed by The Life Post (Dec 7, 2002), who acknowledged him as a computer genius. He could also play by ear on his electric keyboard.

At five, Gloson learned to take care of his newborn brother Rockson. Gloson also learned to choreograph dance steps for fun to the music that his mother and brother listened to.

At six, China Press again interviewed and acknowledged Gloson as a computer genius (Feb 3, 2004). Although he had never been enrolled in any child enrichment class due to family financial difficulties, he self-taught himself anything he liked, like the harmonica, which he learned from a book. He thanks God for his ability to learn things fast and easily.

At seven, a friend introduced Gloson to the Internet and helped him create an email account. From then on, he has been interested in the Internet.

At eight, he was given ten piano lessons by a friend since then, he loves to compose music, and his compositions have been played by orchestras.

Gloson understands things fast, is full of vivid imagination, and has a great sense of humor.

With his high EQ (Emotional Quotient), Gloson has great curiosity to learn new things, great patience in adapting to difficulties, and kindness towards friends.

His mother is grateful that Gloson is independent and multi-talented.

For those you who interested to know Gloson’s detailed biography, download this PDF.

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