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Hello there, I’m delighted to announce I’ve finished making the book trailer for my poetry book, Creative and Funny Poetry for Kids, or CnF for short.

You see, in 2009, it was published in Malaysia. It was fun. I was recognized as the youngest published poet in the world Malaysia. I even got the prime minister and his wife to read my book. During my poet visits to 4 schools, I was delighted that a lot of kids liked my books.

So, it was not published internationally…until now.

I wanted to make a book trailer that will show you what my book is all about. So I started planning it in December 2012 and wrote the rhyming script.


Composing the music

Then I composed the music score. Be sure to uhh…note the notes. (okay, bad pun, bad pun 😛 )


The notes were then played by a virtual MIDI orchestra. If I had an ACTUAL orchestra, it would be cool! Check out the video of the soundtrack below. The animation was done using MIDI Animation Machine Player.

On Soundcloud:

After composing the score, I edited the first draft of the video using Sony Vegas Pro 10. I posted it on my Facebook page (give it a like? 🙂 ) to ask my friends to weigh in.

The response from my friends was great and they gave a lot of useful suggestions. Two even pointed out a missing comma! I then thought of hand-animating to give it the pop.

Hand-drawn animation

So, I took a glass panel, a lamp, and began to hand-animate my ideas.

Here what the process looks like:

AnimProcess__0000_Layer 1

AnimProcess__0002_Layer 3AnimProcess__0003_Layer 2

AnimProcess__0001_Layer 4

I soon realized how hard traditional animation was and how much effort is put into cartoons and animated films. When I watch hand-animated films now, I’ll wonder, “How in the world did they do that?!”

There were 123 sheets of paper used in the final cut. After working on the animation on pencil, I used my ink pen to clean it up.

Before: Pencil
After: Pen

Pencil and Ink Comparison

Makes it easier to edit on the computer.

Then I scanned them. Scanning was a hard part because I had no automatic scanner. So I manually scanned them one by one. Patience is virtue, right?

Here’s a video showing the animation process:

Editing the video

Now for the video-editing! I’ll give you a clue on what’s been going on inside the video-editing software.

For the “you will be befuddled, dumbfounded, amazed!” scene, I used 39 tracks in Sony Vegas Pro 10 to create it:

39 Layers of Editing

For the 3D scene of my illustrations near the end, I used 23 keyframes to move the “camera” through the illustrations.

book flythrough keyframes

It took a while to get the above ^ done because there were a lot of tracks and high definition, large JPEG and PNG files involved. Boy, I need to get a faster computer!

Editing the audio

Then, after the video was complete, it was time for the audio to be edited and finalized. I edited the parts in both Sony Vegas and Audacity (which you can get for free!)

Screenshot Audio Editing Sony Vegas

After getting good feedback from a lot of awesome people, I was ready to render the final product…IN FULL 1080p HD! YEAHH. 😀

Thanks for the support!

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That’s all for now. I really hope you liked the video! Do give me your feedback, advice, compliments, and critiques in the comments below. Thanks!

P.S. If you got my book on Kindle, please be one of the first reviewers on Amazon! I appreciate all reviews!

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