Gloson’s Poet Visits to Schools (2011-2012)


Sri Nobel Kindergarten (July 13, 2012)

Gloson Holding Microphone for Boy Kids Listening to Gloson


In these school visits, Gloson gives a 30-60 minute speech inspirational speech. He does his best to bring fun to the kids; he’s very engaging, interactive, and conveys his message enthusiastically.

Not only that, Gloson also performs several of his funny poems in his speech by acting them out dramatically, running all over the stage.

After his speech, Gloson usually has an autographing session with the students. He also gives the students the chance to own one of his books so that they will continue to be inspired by Gloson after he goes off.

Sri Nobel International School and Private School (July 5, 2012)



Gloson with Puan Halimah, the principal of Sri Nobel Primary School.

Gloson performing his poem “My Kitty Cat Loves French Fries”

If you think about it, it’s actually not very easy to find a young kid close to primary school children’s ages.

The reason inspiration happens is because, well, when we see someone, especially if he is near our age, and he is doing something good, we get inspired to excel in life too.

Inspiration is very important. Even Gloson needs to be inspired by other people! What did ya think?

Beaconhouse Sri Inai (June 19, 2012)


Gloson performing a poem “All My Great Excuses”

Sri Kuala Lumpur (August 25, 2011)


Gloson receiving a gift of appreciation from Dr. Tan Khun, principal of Sri KL Primary School.




Gloson spontaneously autographing student’s hands.




Sri KDU (18-19 July 2012)

srikdukennnesbitt  Gloson talking about how his favorite poet Kenn Nesbitt inspired him to write funny poetry.

srikdupm  Gloson encouraging the students that if he has achieved so much, so can they!

Excerpts from Gloson’s speech in Sri KDU

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the 35 pictures above. Gloson looks forward to visiting more schools in the future! 😀

Photo credits:

Sri Nobel and Sri KL: Sathya Jalilehvand
Sri Nobel Kindergaten: Ms. Kang

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