PoetryTalents.com Revamped

Hey people. I’ve got news for ya!

PoetryTalents.com is revamped! Yaaaaayyyyy. 😀

That’s right! I have decided to revamp PoetryTalents.com and post poems frequently.

The reason I haven’t been doing so is because I have been putting priority to my studies for a while. That’s why I neither had the time nor the focus to update my blog or this poetry website. I really miss writing poems frequently and sharing them with my readers.

So now I am back! 😀

I have also redesigned the website to make it more colorful, readable, and engaging.

PoetryTalents.com Design: Before & After


poetrytalents.com in May 2009



poetrytalents.com in Dec 2012

Hope you like the design. Do show your support by commenting and sharing my poems and stuff. I hope this website will put a smile on your face and brighten your day! 😀

Other than posting poems every week, I will post fun updates whenever there is any. I really appreciate your support. Thank you for reading my poems! 🙂

What you can do now:

1. Write a comment below on the design of this website. I’ll take it seriously.

2. Like my Facebook page.

3. Go read the latest poems.

4. Subscribe and be notified whenever there are new poems/updates.

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