Why Should You Buy Gloson’s Poetry Books?

Hello there. Nice to meet you. 😀

If you’re reading this, that means you’re interested in my poetry books. Thanks! I actually feel kinda awkward writing this because I was afraid I’d sound like a marketish salesman.

Nevertheless, I decided that this post must be written so that people can come to know the value of the books I create, and not overlook them as “just another book”.

So, what makes these poetry books so special, unique, and worth buying?

3. They contain funny poetry written from a child’s perspective


As my book trailer says, “Most books are written by adults, but this one’s by a kid.”

Yes, the books that adults write can be very good in quality, but there’s something different and unique about a book that is truly, actually written during childhood ages, without writing-related help from adults. Its writing style is something that kids feel they can relate to.

Not only that, the illustrations are also illustrated by the same child! Because 11-year-old Gloson is tech-savvy, he used a nifty software called Photoshop to help him create the illustrations—full-page, full-color illustrations. So, not only are the poems the art of a child, but the illustrations too!

2. They encourage other kids to write

Poetry is a powerful engine that drives literacy and learning, perhaps because it’s such a wonderful way to express yourself.

Kids are drawn to funny poetry because it resonates with their childlikeness. Plus, it’s also rhythmic and it RHYMES! How could a kid not love poetry after being shown a good, funny poem? 🙂

And how much more the effect will be when the poems are written by a kid their age? They would totally dig the poems!

1. They inspire kids to achieve great things in life


Peer inspiration is very powerful.

If you realize it, Gloson’s books inspire kids to achieve great things in life. When a kid sees another kid achieving something (such as publishing a book), they tend to get inspired to do something great themselves.

In my speeches to schools, I tell the students to do something great with their hobbies and talents, just as I did. I encourage them to beat my record of being the Youngest Published Poet in Malaysia.

I tell them to look at my book which has my face on it, and I get them to repeat, “Gloson can do it, I can do it, we can do it!”

After my speech at Sri Nobel (Elementary), one mother told me that her son said these words to her, “Mommy, you don’t need to work anymore. I will write a book and make money!”

I’m really touched that I’ve helped to create a spark that caused a kid to even say something as great and ambitious as that.

These books were previously just available in Malaysia, but now, through Amazon and Kindle, I’ve made them accessible internationally in countries such as the USA, Australia, England, and more!

Here are the links to order Gloson’s books:

Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids
contains 20 poems, each 4-6 stanzas long
suitable for all ages, particularly 7-15 years old.

Amazon (paperback)
Kindle (digital)

Creative Row Your Boats
contains 20 poems, each one stanza long
to be sung to the tune of “Row Your Boat”
suitable for toddlers, preschool, kindy, and nursery rhyme lovers!

Amazon (paperback)
Kindle (digital)

Thank you very much for your support! I appreciate every bit of it.

I know I’m inspiring kids to excel, but by buying my books, YOU are inspiring ME to excel too!

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