Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids

Most poetry books are written by adults, but this one is written by a 9-year-old kid (Gloson), which makes it extraordinary! It is written from a child’s perspective. Reading these funny poems is like eating potato chips – you won’t want to stop till you finish it!

This humorous poetry book is made specially for kids and also those who love fun. These creative and imaginative poems will surely tickle your funny bone!

Gloson’s colorful and vivid illustrations make reading extremely fun! Different styles of presentation keep boredom at bay!

You will learn about why you should clean your room, what you shouldn’t forget on a picnic, why you shouldn’t drink tea while driving a car, why you shouldn’t bring home an elephant, and more!

So, get ready to jump into this exciting poetry book and smile, giggle, and laugh!

– 48 pages
– 20 funny poems
– A4 size



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What is creativity?

Creativity is about applying thought-provoking ideas, inventive alternatives, new approaches, ingenious methods and innovative techniques as a means of improvement and for achieving betterment in life.

To be precise, it is simply the ability to create things. For example, look at the drawings created from red U-shapes, drawn when Gloson was 6.

Why most adults seldom read poetry

  1. Since most parents do not read poetry, their children, once adult, will not have acquired a taste for reading poetry.
  2. The CQ (Creative Quotient) in the right brain is most active during 0-6 years of age. If the CQ is not stimulated during this prime age, the logical side, which is the left brain will be dominant from age seven onwards.
  3. Poetry is written in a creative way. It needs an active right brain to appreciate it which, in most adults, is ‘hibernating’.

5 reasons you and your child should read this poetry book

  1. The adults’ CQ can be re-stimulated by reading this poetry book and drawing on the creative poems.
  2. Children’s CQ can be increased exponentially as the content is written from a child’s (Gloson’s) creative and unique perspective.
  3. This is easily the simplest way to imagine and visualize. It will bring your child to the inventive, innovative, and creative world of the human brain.
  4. This is a great book to enhance your child’s English too, as he, or she, can focus on and enjoy short funny poems in creative settings.
  5. The poet can be an inspiration to your child to be imaginative in thinking or writing. The poet is creative in drawing and dancing too.


Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids Ebook


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Printed Book

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    15 Replies to “Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids”

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    2. Julien Neel says:

      These books are excellent! I recommend them without hesitation.

      Gloson’s work is full of life, color and joy, and his catchy and intelligent poems are contagiously fun. They are also an invitation to create, which is — to my regret — something that many children today seem to have lost interest in, which the rising success of social media and video games, which encourages passive and narcissistic behaviors.

      I’m a grown man and even I enjoy reading these poems. This is definitely a book I’ll be giving my children when it’s time for them to read. These collections should be schoolbooks, to show kids that poetry is a wonderful art we all can enjoy.

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