A World Without Friction – A Poem

In class, I was taught about friction.
It keeps us on my feet.
And if there were no friction,
I’d be sliding off my seat!

So, what if there ain’t friction?
Things would just slip like ice!
Gravity will make things slide,
which isn’t very nice.

In a world without friction,
things would be topsy-turvous:
I’m sliding off my seat right now
without the friction’s service!

I can’t stop sliding down!
I know! I’ll hold on to my chair!
But wait… there is no friction…
I would not have stayed there!

And so, I was then sliding down.
There is no way to stop!
I’m sliding to five small round bumps!
Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop!

Ouch! That hurt. And now I’m hungry.
I will need a snack.
Yes, here comes a yummy burger
sliding to my back!

Hooray! It’s in my hands. Oh wait…
the friction isn’t near.
The burger’s slipping off my hands,
it’s sliding out of here!

I’m sliding like the floors were ice;
I cannot stop at all!
Oh no! Now I am heading
right into a red brick wall!

Now, how do you get out
of this imaginary world?
Just stop imagining! And "POOF!"
into my seat I’m hurled.

Phee-ew! What an absurd adventure—
A non-fiction fiction!
And all that I can say now is,
I’m glad that there is friction.

3 Replies to “A World Without Friction – A Poem”

  1. tylor says:

    oh i messed up so here
    if we had no friction soccer woud be kickinga ballto space if we didnt ae frictionwwe would be inspace if we didnt have friction we would die


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