Flyaway Laundry – A Poem

The wind from the south blew the laundry away
when it was still hanging to dry.
The clothes and the trousers all twirled in the air.
My mother let out an “Oh my!”

My neighbors just sat there and watched the clothes fly,
and so did the curious cop.
I chased all the clothes as fast as my legs could.
Unluckily, they didn’t stop.

Instead, they just kept flying higher and higher.
And… Ouch! I stepped on a sharp stone!
I fell on my head, which was terribly pain,
and then almost fractured a bone.

Luckily, the wind amazingly stopped!
The clothes drifted down to the ground.
My mom would be overjoyed and proud of me,
because her clothes were safe and sound.

I picked up all of the clothes, one by one,
and ran home as fast as I could.
Mom would be so happy, she’d give me a present,
or even some cash. Yes, she would!

Oh no! I believe I had ran way too fast,
and so, I fell down with a thud!
Mom would be so angry now because the clothes
fell into malodorous mud!

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