Hide and Seek – A Poem

My friend and I played hide and seek
inside my house, today.
I had to seek, and so my friend then
slowly crept away.

I counted to 1000, and
then I began to seek.
I didn’t know where my friend is
because I didn’t peek.

I have searched for him under tables,
also behind doors.
I then searched in the cupboards and
the bathtubs and the drawers!

I searched for him behind the trees,
but he was just not there.
I have searched in the living room,
the toilets, everywhere!

And so, I came to ask you if
you’ve seen my friend around.
His pants are red and purple
and his shirt is green and brown.

And… What? He is behind me?
Wait, let me turn around.
Oh, there you are! I found you!
Boy, I feel like a clown!

13 Replies to “Hide and Seek – A Poem”

  1. Claudia Broome says:

    Gloson, I’m happy to see your poems here. They brighten my day and I vote for Hide and Seek! What an upbeat and fun book!

    1. Gloson says:

      Claudia, thanks for the compliment! I am really glad that you like my poems and my book! I will be posting more funny poems soon! 😉

  2. cutecoral says:

    Gloson~~u r really a brilliant kid that have the most creative brain cells to create all those poem that make people smile uncontrolly~~!!

  3. Jaryn says:

    I just got to know you and your sites from the papers.
    This poem is exceptionally nice for me. Love it.
    All the best.

  4. rmilana says:

    i read once,but on mobile phone so thought of leave a comment now,

    i like the way you write your poetry.simple,light in a brilliant kind of way!!

    keep up the good work (^_^)

  5. elle morris says:

    glonson your poem is really great hide and seek but you need to add more funny words in the poem im one of the wrighters on the website your sincerly Elle Morris ps: please do send more funny poems i like them lots and lots and lots

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