If I Did Write a Poem – A Video Poem

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rkYcthWglo

If I did write a poem,
I would sell it off, and then,
I’d use the money for an egg
that would become a hen.

The hen would lay a thousand eggs
that would become more hens.
Then they would lay a million eggs.
I’d sell them all to friends.

I would become a millionaire
who owned a great big home.
Next, I’d go for a holiday
to France or maybe Rome.

I’d learn to be an astronaut
and go visit the moon.
I’m going to do all these things!
I plan to do them soon!

I would feel like a mighty king…
But now I think I might
stop daydreaming about all this
until I’ve learned to write!

From the book Creative & Funny Poetry for Kids:

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