My Crazy Car – A Poem

My crazy car is sure insane.
It hops around to make me pain.
When I am on it, it will wiggle
to make my friends and neighbors giggle.

It jumps and bounces up and down,
I feel sick when I ride through town.
When it shakes me in front of Wright,
he laughs at me; he’s not polite.

When I slap my car for it’s bad,
It zooms around, like it is mad.
I just cannot control my car,
I guess it’s controlled me, so far.

When I get into my mad car,
it spins around, for it’s bizarre.
Then, it will jump up really high.
The guys who see would say, “Oh my!”

My crazy car passed its disease
to cars here and cars overseas.
And that’s why cars shake when they start.
Do you think cars are silly or smart?
2012.12.03 - My Crazy Car

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