My Kitty Cat Loves French Fries – A Poem

My kitty cat loves French fries
since he was a kitten.
The day he ate his first French fry
was when he’d gotten smitten.

He loves its crispy, tasty taste.
He says it’s so delicious.
He boasts, “French fries are hundred times
much tastier than fishes!”

He eats at least a plate a day.
He munches with his paws.
He dips the fries in ketchup,
then he puts them in his jaws.

When mean dogs bring my kitty down,
the way to cheer him up
is let him smell the French fries’
fresh aroma in a cup.

He dreams to live inside a castle
made out of French fries,
with some breathtaking fountains
spraying ketchup to the skies.

He aims to make his “French Fries Day”
a public holiday,
where French fries lovers all unite
and shout, “Hip, hip, hurray!”

Yes, my kitty cat loves French fries.
He really, really does.
He’s truly the most French fry loving
cat there ever was!

Gloson acting out this poem in Sri Nobel Primary School

Thanks to these people who suggested this poem:

3 Replies to “My Kitty Cat Loves French Fries – A Poem”

  1. Editor of STREET FASHION says:

    i would die if i saw my cat eat my french fries 😉 love your poem, its really cool to know that some people do see things in different perspectif like u do. good job dude

    1. Gloson says:

      Haha. Thank you very much. I’m glad you enjoyed it. The idea of this poem actually randomly came when I asked for poem ideas. I just combined 3 topics into one:


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