My Kitty’s Adventure – A Poem

My Kitty’s Adventure

My kitty was so bored of me
for I hug him all day.
He chose to take a small break
and go for a holiday.

He jumped into my toy plane.
He didn’t want to stay.
He buckled up his seatbelt
and zoomed out of the way.

With his great catty power,
he went out my open door.
He flew into the big blue skies.
He wanted to explore.

But there was a big thunderstorm.
The plane was struck by lightning!
He then began to crash! Oh no!
I’m sure that it was frightening.

Good thing he learned to swim because
he crashed into a river.
Bad thing it was the Angel Falls!
He then began to shiver.

He fell 1000 meters from
that great, tall waterfall.
He fell onto an ape that thought
my kitty was a ball.

And with his strength, he threw my kitty
up into the sky.
(I wish that I were him because
I always wished to fly.)

At that time, I was gazing at some
pretty clouds of red.
Then I saw my kitty flying.
Then he landed on my head!

“My darling, it is you!” I said.
I was indeed delighted!
”Meow! Meow! Meow!” he loudly sang
as we were reunited.

11 Replies to “My Kitty’s Adventure – A Poem”

  1. Steve says:

    Hey Gloson I came by to check out your poetry. Very creative. I knew you had a couple web sites and have been to your other blog site but wanted to check this one out too.

  2. jaja says:

    Very nice poem, Gloson! I can’t believe your just a 12-year-old kid! I’m 13 already and I really love your poems 🙂

    Hope you make more!
    Take care and God bless.
    Kid-blogging “Artist”

    1. Gloson says:

      Thank you very much Jaja! I’m glad you like my poems 🙂 . By the way, I’ve visited your blog and I think it’s amazing! Have left a comment!

  3. Debby says:

    Dear Gloson. I can’t believe that I’ve been browsing and reading your blog for an hour already and then came to your poetry, which I knew you were doing from the latest video. This is fine work and your family must be very proud of your artistry and accomplishments. Bravo. Debby

  4. Upasha says:

    Oh, it’s a great poem!It’s difficult to sink in that THIS lovely poem is written by a kid nearly of the same age I. Kudos for your achievements 🙂


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