My Land of Dinosaurs – A Poem

Come to my land of dinosaurs
please come on, everyone.
Please, step into this ancient land
and you will have much fun!

Most dinosaurs are big and friendly,
with their long necks stretching high.
Some of them are playful and
even some are shy.

The fatosaurus weighs about
a hundred thousand pounds.
His belly’s round and shiny,
when he walks, he shakes the grounds.

The blubberosaurus cries and cries
and cries all night and day.
He can’t catch the rapidosaurus
who’s yet to be prey.

The toothiesaurus has pink teeth
that can pierce through the steel.
The singasaurus sings kid songs
when he has caught a meal.

The danceprancesaurus loves to dance
in beautiful sarongs.
He breakdances, and does ballets
to Michael Jackson songs.

Pookiesaurus is so cute
all mothers love to hug her.
In fact, they hug her way too tightly
that they start to bug her.

I hope you like my dino-land where
dinosaurs can roam.
And no, they‘re not extinct yet,
they are at their home sweet home.

Enjoy all of my dinosaurs.
I know that you’ll have fun!
And…where did this rock come from?
It’s a meteor shower! RUN!

One Reply to “My Land of Dinosaurs – A Poem”

  1. lovinmalamutes says:

    Excellent poems. I enjoyed this one immensely. It makes you feel happy!


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