Red and Black (Parody of Les Miserables)

(Great for teaching little kids about colors)

It is time for us to
know which colors are which.
Don’t we want to embrace
all the colors that make up the world?
Have you asked of yourself
what’s the color of hay?
Is it red, black, or blue,
yellow, green, or gray?
The colors of the world
you need to know today!

Red – the color of a rose.
Black – the color of a bear.
Red – the color of my clothes.
Black – the color of my hair!

(Music: Transpose +2 semitones)

Green – the smell of smelly gas.
Blue – the color of some eyes.
Green – the color of fresh grass.
Blue – the color of the sky!

(Music: Transpose another +2 semitones)

Orange – the pigment of an orange. (obviously)
Brown – grandfather’s leather glove.
Orange – the taste of pumpkin porridge.
Brown – the chocolate I love!

(Music: Transpose ANOTHER +2 semitones)

Purple– Barney the dinosaur.
Yellow – bananas are this hue.
Purple – eggplants I do adore.
Yellow – the hue of Swiss fondue!

(Music: Transpose YET ANOTHER +2 semitones)

Pink – the glow of dragon fruit.
White – its flesh I take one bite.
Pink – some men desire pink suits.
White – the color of moonlight!

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