Santa Claus and the Gift – A Poem

2012.12.18 - Santa Claus and the Gift

It was a chilly, snowy day,
and it was dull, not bright.
And when the hands of all the clocks
were pointing at midnight—

Santa rode his flying sleigh
to give to Tom a present.
His reindeer sneezed; the gift fell off,
which wasn’t very pleasant.

So Santa came down to the road.
He grabbed the fallen gift.
He then walked back toward his sleigh
to give himself a lift.

Unfortunately, Santa Claus
slipped on the slippery ice.
His bottom landed on the ground,
which wasn’t very nice.

To make things worse, the present slipped
into a deep manhole.
Although he tried, he couldn’t reach it
with a long, long pole.

“I think I have no other choice,”
Saint Nick then tautly said.
And so, Tom got a pretty doll
that’s meant for girls, instead!

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