Scary, Fat and Giant Monster – A Poem

There is a giant monster somewhere
near the Indian sea.
It is as fat and furry and
as scary as can be.

It has three funny looking horns
and one eye on its head.
Its claws are sharp and spiky
and its eyes are crimson red.

Were it to jump up 10 miles high
and fall down with a ‘BOOM!’
The whole Earth would then shake and shake
we’d think we were at doom.

If you throw it an onion it
would stand there and just cry.
The noise would break some glasses
and the folks would say, “Oh my!”

Beware folks, for it’s coming to you
right this very now.
The giant monster knows exactly
where you live, somehow.

I’m gonna tell you the best thing yet
which is quite contrary:
The scary, fat and giant monster
is imaginary.

One Reply to “Scary, Fat and Giant Monster – A Poem”

  1. Rachel says:

    Excellent poem, I used in a lesson for my grade 5 students. We talked about adjectives and then they made their own poems about monsters!



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