Shutting Down the Computer – A Poem

When I was a little toddler,
I played a computer game.
’Winnie the Pooh and the
Scary Monster’ was its name.

At that time I did not know how
to shut down the computer
And so, I got my brainy brother
to become my tutor.

At last, I learned exactly how to
shut computers down,
which means that I could shut it down
when no one is around.

One day, when I played the game
strange things were happening.
My computer went ‘ping’ and ‘pong’ and
’ding’ and ‘dong’ and ‘bing!

I guessed it was a virus or
a Trojan or a worm.
It made lots of annoying noise
and then began to squirm!

I think I really need a
brainier computer tutor.
I need to know exactly how
to shut up the computer!

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