Space Adventure – A Poem

I bought a spaceship and its name
was D3-V6-2.
It had huge rocket engines, bedrooms,
and a tiny loo.

I thought of going for a ride,
I said, “That’s what I’ll do!”
I brought along my baby brother
so he’d enjoy, too!

When I was launching into space,
I clapped and shouted, “Wooooooooooooooooo!”
I looked at Earth from outer space,
which was an awesome view.

I then decided I’d explore
the planet, Bleeblabloo.
I pressed a button in the spaceship,
and away I flew!

While I was on my way,
I gave some bubblegum a chew.
I stared at myself in the mirror
and played peek-a-boo!

At last, I landed on the planet.
Then, out of the blue,
some funny aliens jumped before
my eyes and shouted, “Boo!”

I was so frightened, really scared,
and so, I hollered, “Shoo!”
Instead they captured me with their
hands which worked just like glue.

They said they’d sell me for a fortune
to the alien zoo,
where I would have to eat live worms
and alien things like goo.

I was then thrown into a cage
with smelly stuff like poo.
I heard the mandrillion roar,
the cowasaurus moo.

I was so sad, and so, I cried.
My tears dripped down like dew.
My baby brother followed me
(A sneaky thing to do)!

He looked so mighty, strong, heroic,
and is only two!
He punched and kicked my cage apart.
Good thing he learned kung fu!

Suddenly, alarms rang! There was
a hullabaloo!
We raced back to the spaceship
as I let out a loud, “Phew!”

But we ran into a bad alien
who looked just like Pooh.
His name was Doctor
Hooka-dooka Mango-wango Hugh.

He shot a laser on my toe,
to which I shouted, “Ooh!”
He shot another on my belly,
which was quite pain too.

My baby brother kicked the alien
with his diamond shoe,
which sent the alien flying as
we said to him, “Adieu!”

And then, I saw my spaceship which
we quickly ran into.
We badly wanted to go home,
because we wanted to!

I pressed the button, and away
the speedy spaceship flew.
My baby brother slept while I was
playing the kazoo!

At last, we got back home.
What an adventure we’ve gone through!
So, next time I adventure, will you join me?
Please do!

5 Replies to “Space Adventure – A Poem”

  1. secret la says:

    very good……
    create more poem like this

  2. Jheston says:

    Boy, you have great talents and i believe that you can do some more miracle and wonders to entertaint this world… I hope you will create more poems like this and good luck… All the best…^^ I have faith in you that one day, maybe some day you would become a great writter…=]

  3. Tyler says:

    wow,you are so good at writing these poems.I Can not believe it. hey, why dont you make some more poems up and send them to me. thanks,Tyler.

  4. kirsty says:

    hello awesome poems thanks im only 9 and my topic is space so i copyed some of them so i can hand them to my theacher thanks mate 🙂


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