The Highest Skyscraper of Earth (Short Film Poem)

The highest skyscraper on Earth
is very, very high.
It reaches so incredibly
beyond the bright blue sky,

The skyscraper is very strong,
and it is shiny too!
It holds onto Earth steadily;
it will not fall on you.

Imagine just how tall it is!
It has a million floors!
It’s able to hold lots of folks;
it has ten million doors!

Come with me into the lift.
Oh, don’t you feel the power?
This lift can travel super fast!
Four thousand miles per hour!

Just press the button in the lift
to go to a nice place.
As soon as the lift stops,
a voice will say, "Welcome to space!"

P.S. Watch the behind-the-scenes to see how I made this! –

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